UCSD High School Conference

UCSD Kaibigang Pilipino present the 25th Annual High School Conference – “You Da Real MVP 2016”

  • Saturday, January 30, 2016
  • UCSD Price Center
  • Pre-register at http://tinyurl.com/hsc2016prereg
  • Workshops to help you prepare and be successful in college as well as social/fun focused ones such as dance will be available.
  • Cost: FREE!  Free food, t-shirts, parking… while supplies last so register now!

Show proof of attendance (photo of yourself there and a flyer/handout) to get extra credit.



What should be in your conclusions?

  • InIntroduction paragraph*
  • Each graph you created, with an accompanying paragraph describing and explaining it.
  • You should include a paragraph describing any patterns, trends, other interesting things you may have noticed about your data.
  • Summary paragraph at the end*

Your conclusions should be at least 5 paragraphs.

It should look like this:

  1. Introduction/Opening paragraph*
  2. Graph
  3. Paragraph discussing the graph above
  4. Graph
  5. Paragraph discussing the graph above
  6. (Repeat  steps 4 and 5 until you’ve shown and discussed all your graphs).
  7. Paragraph describing any patterns, trends, other interesting things you noticed in your data or during your experiment/study.
  8. Summary/wrap-up paragraph*

*Will be in your PowerPoint for the “Conclusion” section of the slides.

The folder for your conclusions can now be found in the class Google drive’s Discover Project folder.

PowerPoint Template for Project

Please use the following PowerPoint Template to determine what should be in it.  You can use this template directly (just save to your computer and type in your information) or match up the slides accordingly with your own background.  Please be sure it’s a background that is user friendly and can be easily read and not busy or unprofessional.

You can now find the folder for your PowerPoints in the class Google drive for the Discovery Project.

*Please note the TWO new things you’ll have to write for your PowerPoint are:

  • Abstract – 1 paragraph summary (no more than 250 words) of your entire project:
    • A sentence stating what the goal of your project was
    • A sentence or two describing what you did to find it out (procedures)
    • A sentence or two about your results/stats
    • A sentence or two about your overall conclusions (what you found out).
  • Recommendations
    • A couple bullet points or short paragraph of what you would do to improve your project (mini-reflection of what could be done next time)

The procedures in the PowerPoint should be a summary (still numbered) of your overall procedures.


Discovery Project Due Dates

All assignments for this project should be submitted to the appropriate Google Drive folder by 11:59 pm on the due date.  Font should be 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced unless otherwise stated.

  • Tuesday, 11/10
    • Mini-Background Research Paper
      • Minimum THREE pages
  • Friday, 11/13
    • Hypothesis
      • What do you think will happen?
        • “I hypothesized that…”
      • Why do you think that?
        • “I believe this because…”
        • Should be based on your background research AND your experience.
    • Variables and Controls
      • State the EXPLANATORY variable
        • You only want to work with ONE
      • State the RESPONSE variable
        • You only want to work with ONE
      • Controls
        • What things will be the same in all your observational units – in each sample.
    • Procedures
      • Your procedures for your project must be explicit.
      • Think of it this way – if you give your procedures to SOMEONE ELSE, can they do exactly what you wanted to replicate the study?  They should!nIf you are handing out a survey: DO NOT say “Create a survey”.  That means I create one and it can (and WILL) be completely different from yours.  Instead, say “Pass out Survey A” or “Pass out Teen Eating Habits Survey” and include a copy of the survey.  Yes, this means you need to make your survey NOW!  You are doing data collection very soon!
      • Should be 15-20 steps
      • Don’t say “make graphs” or “tabulate data”.  That’s like saying “eat cupcake” or “buy flour”.  Your procedures are EVERY SPECIFIC STEP to collect your data.
  • Friday, 12/11
    • Experimentation & Results
  • Friday, 12/18
    • Conclusions
  • Friday, 1/8
    • PowerPoint Presentation

Class Google Drives

When posting to the Google drive, please ensure that you are putting it in the proper folder.  For your Discovery Project, put it in the proper sub-folder.

Resources for project ideas

Sorry for the delay in getting these up. The Salute to Teachers gala was last night. We had rehearsal Friday after school. I was nominated for San Diego County Teacher of the Year. Last night I learned that I was of the five teachers named San Diego County Teacher of the Year!