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The Basics Day 8 homework for all classes have been posted.

If you still need to borrow a calculator, please bring in your form on Friday.  They are running out of them!

If you are in Stats:

  • You must bring your textbook everyday!  We will be working in the book daily.   Sorry, we don’t have enough for a class set.  I’ve been asked if you could leave you book in my classroom.  Yes, you can (at your own risk, of course), but are still responsible for the nightly homework.  It is VERY DOABLE to get the homework done in class if you use your time efficiently.
  • You must bring your calculator everyday!  We will be using it!

If you are in AP Stats:

  • Good news for you, you don’t have to bring your books to school.
  • You must bring your calculator everyday!  We will be using it!

If you are in APCS or CS:

  • I’ll let you know when we need to use our books for units, but for now, you may leave them at home.
  • If you prefer to use your own laptop during class time, you may.  You are not required to bring it, but it would be faster than what we have in the room.  If you don’t have one, hakuna matata, you can use the classroom’s computers.

Intro to Self Videos

Here are the details/requirements for the “Intro to Self” video project.

  • 2-3 minutes in length
  • Song (appropriate)
  • Pictures (credited at the end)
  • Opening credits: Name, Period(s), Title
  • Closing credits: State who to the photos, who the song is by and the locations your pictures were taken.
  • Caption your photos


How to submit your project:

  • Upload your video YouTube (you can set the privacy setting from “public” to “unlisted” to prevent others from finding your video in a search).
  • Submit your name, period and YouTube link to: Intro to Self Form.

Here are my examples from Summer 2013 and Summer 2014.

Need to check out a calculator?

If you need to borrow a calculator from the library, you must fill out a form and get it signed by a parent/guardian. I suggest you do so AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to ensure that you get one. You can find the form here:

Calculator Agreement Form.

Once you show me you have the form completed, I will allow you to go to the library to get your calculator. Remember, the calculator is a REQUIRED item for Statistics and AP Stats.