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Submitting “Problem Solvers” Assignment

  • Please upload your “Problem Solvers” assignment to the appropriate Google Drive folder by course.
  • When you upload your file, be sure that your LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, and PERIOD are in the title.    For example, a student named Liz Mariposa in Period 2 would turn in a file named MariposaLizPer2.
  • Failure to do so may result in not getting credit for the assignment!
  • Place your file in the appropriate folder (named “Problem Solvers” in this case).
  • If you’ve never used Google drive before, it’s fairly simple.  Click on the link corresponding to your course.  Go to YOUR computer and drag the file icon to the window that opened for Google Drive.  You should be able to see your file in the class Google Drive!
  • Google Drives for:


Intro to Self Videos

Please submit your “Intro to Self” videos through this form. Please be sure your link has YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V= in it for it to work in class!

Here are the details/requirements for the “Intro to Self” video project.

  • 2-3 minutes in length
  • Song (appropriate)
  • Pictures (credited at the end)
  • Opening credits: Name, Period(s), Title
  • Closing credits: State who to the photos, who the song is by and the locations your pictures were taken.
  • Caption your photos


How to submit your project:

  • Upload your video YouTube (you can set the privacy setting from “public” to “unlisted” to prevent others from finding your video in a search).
  • Submit your name, period and YouTube link to: Intro to Self Form. Please be sure your link has YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V= in it for it to work in class!

Here are my examples from Summer 2013 and Summer 2014.

Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year!

Welcome to Mrs. Miranda’s class!  Whether you are taking Statistics 1-2, AP Statistics, Computer Science 1,2 (Robotics) or AP Computer Science, you are in for a great year with activities, lessons and learning that you’ve never had before.  I’m sure you’ve (at some point) wondered, “When is this stuff I’m learning used in the real world?”  Well, my classes will show you – on a regular basis!  You’ll be challenged and have lots of fun.  So, get ready for a learning adventure that you haven’t begun to imagine!

On this website, you’ll find handouts, links referenced in class and other important items for each class.  You’ll find it on the page corresponding to the class you are in.

To start the adventure (and get the first of many A’s on an assignment), please complete my online “Student Contact Form” so I can have your information in case of an emergency.  Thanks!