AP Computer Science

Welcome to the AP Computer Science page.  Here you will find the links necessary for class for references, handouts, and labs.


  • FRQ 2010 #2,3
  • FRQ 2012 (All)
  • Practice Exam #2 and 3 in the GREEN “Be Prepared…”
  • Extra credit:
    • Use the following array to show what EACH PASS of the sort algorithm will do.  You must do this for INSERTION, SELECTION and MERGE sort.
    • myArray: 14  10  13  23  25  18  13  40  2  5  13  42  15  18  1



  • Go to code.org
  • Pick a project that is appropriate for high school age.
  • Complete the task for the option you selected.
  • Write a 1-2 paragraph summary about the project you selected.  Include what you learned, what you thought was fun, interesting, eye-opening, etc. and how it could be used to inspire other students (of all ages) to code.
  • HW:
    • Teach one person (friend, younger sibling, relative, etc.) how to code using the project you selected.
    • Provide evidence – A short video clip (3-4 minutes) which includes:
      • The start, middle and end of the work you are doing with that person.  Try to capture the “ah-ha” or “wow” moments.
      • Their quick feedback/reflection about the experience (what they learned about CS, where CS can be found, etc.).
      • What you learned about teaching someone else about CS (how to code, where it can be found, etc.)
    • Submit the YouTube link to your video through this form.


  Please submit the video demo of your original app through this form.

The video should include a its purpose, instruction on how to use it and a demonstration. It should be 1-2 minutes in length.



  1. Take pictures over the summer.  Your first project (due September 14, 2015) is a short video introducing yourself to the class.  Length – 2-3 Minutes.
    1. Use Windows Movie Maker (or similar application) to put your photos to a song.
    2. Your name should appear in the opening.
    3. Include a quote that is inspirational to you.
    4. The closing credits should include your name as well as the name and artist of the song.
  2. Join “Mrs. Miranda’s AP CS and AP Stats Page” on Facebook.
  3. Problem solvers – There’s a problem.  It sucks.  Don’t just say, “Oh, well.”  Say, “How can I fix it?”
    1. Identify THREE circumstances/problems/issues that you feel need to have a solution or be improved upon.  For example, the vending machine always seems to rejects your coins.
    2. Research how it currently works or is the way it is.  For example, vending machines determine the value of the coin by the size and shape. (2 pages minimum double-spaced).
    3. Come up “with a better way”.  How would you improve the system?  Your proposed solution must be grounded in reality and need a technology-based solution. (1 page minimum double-spaced).  For example, people and animals can identify things by sound, if a vending machine could do that, it might not reject the coins as often.
    4. Another example – You have a grandparent who forgets to take their meds. They need assistance, but don’t live with you and your family.  A mobile app could help your grandparent track their meds, set off a tone when it’s time to take it or when they miss it.

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