Discovery Project Due Dates

All assignments for this project should be submitted to the appropriate Google Drive folder by 11:59 pm on the due date.  Font should be 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced unless otherwise stated.

  • Tuesday, 11/10
    • Mini-Background Research Paper
      • Minimum THREE pages
  • Friday, 11/13
    • Hypothesis
      • What do you think will happen?
        • “I hypothesized that…”
      • Why do you think that?
        • “I believe this because…”
        • Should be based on your background research AND your experience.
    • Variables and Controls
      • State the EXPLANATORY variable
        • You only want to work with ONE
      • State the RESPONSE variable
        • You only want to work with ONE
      • Controls
        • What things will be the same in all your observational units – in each sample.
    • Procedures
      • Your procedures for your project must be explicit.
      • Think of it this way – if you give your procedures to SOMEONE ELSE, can they do exactly what you wanted to replicate the study?  They should!nIf you are handing out a survey: DO NOT say “Create a survey”.  That means I create one and it can (and WILL) be completely different from yours.  Instead, say “Pass out Survey A” or “Pass out Teen Eating Habits Survey” and include a copy of the survey.  Yes, this means you need to make your survey NOW!  You are doing data collection very soon!
      • Should be 15-20 steps
      • Don’t say “make graphs” or “tabulate data”.  That’s like saying “eat cupcake” or “buy flour”.  Your procedures are EVERY SPECIFIC STEP to collect your data.
  • Friday, 12/11
    • Experimentation & Results
  • Friday, 12/18
    • Conclusions
  • Friday, 1/8
    • PowerPoint Presentation

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