PowerPoint Template for Project

Please use the following PowerPoint Template to determine what should be in it.  You can use this template directly (just save to your computer and type in your information) or match up the slides accordingly with your own background.  Please be sure it’s a background that is user friendly and can be easily read and not busy or unprofessional.

You can now find the folder for your PowerPoints in the class Google drive for the Discovery Project.

*Please note the TWO new things you’ll have to write for your PowerPoint are:

  • Abstract – 1 paragraph summary (no more than 250 words) of your entire project:
    • A sentence stating what the goal of your project was
    • A sentence or two describing what you did to find it out (procedures)
    • A sentence or two about your results/stats
    • A sentence or two about your overall conclusions (what you found out).
  • Recommendations
    • A couple bullet points or short paragraph of what you would do to improve your project (mini-reflection of what could be done next time)

The procedures in the PowerPoint should be a summary (still numbered) of your overall procedures.


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